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i wish my pockets was a little bigger 

not for fat racks 

just for cherry swishers 


i celebrate the day they call me a nigga 

it’s affirming 

to write a book about our journey 


i love you, mom 

but they was drunk w/ pills in their palms 

but they love me, so i make excuses for their wrongs 


so forgive me - 

this is real sin - 

like when god decided to disregard satan 


and i’m no christian 

but i believe in written word 

wrote it in a letter 

just to feel less absurd 


and so what if she never hated me? 

i fall in love when i play make believe 


we buried the tension 

so i hope she’ll smoke me up again 

told her i’d text her 

but it took a while to press send 


sometimes it’s hard to know if you really love someone 

you could convince yourself that they’ll be the last damn one 


the brain is tricky 

so inhale the sticky-icky 

my love is your love sang whitney 

sing wit me 

you are so fucking lovely 


you’re like a shot too many 

felt so good in the beginning 

i am so fucking scared 

wrote your name in my journal 

on a dare 

it was my dare 


and i’m so dimensional 

for better or for worse 

stretch until it hurts 

drink herbs to fight the curse 


live your life closer to the ground 

with your hands up - wake up 

dig around in the clouds 

find something to help you stand up - wake up 


this ain’t for inspiration 

it’s a conversation with myself 

you better keep your secrets 

when your wisdom sends you to hell 

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