an affirmation: let them know

savage confidence is

recognizing myself and

actively choosing to

respect and protect

my own vitality


the spirit of

not giving in

to petty pigeonholes

means that i

am bold and

committed to survival

on my terms


it/they might take

from me the

circumstance of safety

but never the

power i use

to love myself


and so i

move with the

passion that my

mother gave me :

she did not

raise no fool


if not me

then who will

address the violence

that comes with

being told who

i should be?


how uselessly competitive,

the dance of

claiming yourself in

public. if you

do not know

any other way

to show up,

then at least

hold yourself accountable

for sustaining the

loss of authenticity

and community care


just because you

are down, doesn’t

mean you aren’t

harmful and sinister


some of us,

we are tender

and seeking real

connections so that

when freedom comes,

we are held

and in love

with our truths




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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell