how to be present with her


with some certain growth,

re-enter the spirit

and dwell in it -


ask her for love because

it completes a preferred truth,

and do not move away from desire

for the sake of convenience -


fall in love with possibilities

for the sake of dreaming,

and when you are awake,

make promises that honor

your capacity to be full -


(re)cycle the parts of your heart

that are content to be distracted

by longing

and call in the dimensions that

allow you rationality and hope -


remember what you were

when she saw you

and all the light

that drew embers from

your fingers and from your chest -


remember the burning words,

your poetry pouring into unrest -


and now at best,


practicing presence

hovering just above the ground

and only looking down

for balance -


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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell