open mic freewrite

she writes and recites her poetry and

i am taken into exquisite metaphors that

reunite my frayed endings


( there is a space in the ether

that holds the poets

so they can witness each other

in the right light )


at the open mic, she

evades distance and

looks at me like

i am a new word -


you know, we discover

at the same pace

that we wonder and

you are beautiful, too


thank you


the softness in your intent

makes me bend and grow

no, i don’t know




shiver with the end of winter,

finding bits of warm space

in the width of your words


poet, you are worth

the frustration -

it is late and you have

reminded me of

beginnings and cycles


the night adhered to

your breath, and then

the morning again


these poems like prayers

for love, look at her and

say amen


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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell