she feel like hip-hop

i want somethin real in my heart

somethin i can still see in the dark

a love like,

what they gon say?

nothin - turn they heads away

how they gon feel?

triflin, cuz they know we real


this track make me wanna love her back

she whippin in the station wag

lookin for a dime bag

she ain't got time to be new here

she run the game

until her face and her nike's blue, yeah


she feel like hip-hop

riding around in the 216

on the west side, parking lot, puffin smoke tricks

spittin rhymes in the basement

get klevah when the bass hits

drop knowledge when the drum kicks


she got a smile bigger than my world

gemini, pint-sized, big hair with them tight curls


fall aslseep just to dream about her

and if it still hurts when i wake,

it don't matter -










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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell