No Nothin'

ain't nothin new, nothin special bout me, dude

even when the pretty girls, they tell me that i'm kinda cute

it's irrelevent,

drugs got me hella spent,

mary been my only friend,

she good to me

she good to me


rag top boi w/ a couple beats, 

think they smooth,

get to be a little rude if the mood suits

deal me in, we got cards, we got gin

it's official, in the morning,

don't you call me, i might miss you


i might

get stuck in the middle of a distant vision

you kissin me,

that feels like wisdom,

come into my kingdom,

where fantasies play so happily

you'll think it's truth

realities get to lyin,

we gon need some proof


ain't no nothin no

special way to feel okay

pop that canister and

make the shadows go away


the darkest corners . . . 

survivors, mourners . . . 


what you gon do when you can never have what loves you?

when you can never be what feels good?

i hold a flame to my heart like it's firewood


look, it's so romantic

look, it's so traumatic


rip your roots up, 

put your dukes up,

we might be alright


you bet your soul

how could you know

it's blurry in hindsight







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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell