just got the letter for the evict

but the landlord ain't worth pleasin

grandma on her knees prayin

we nah eat today -


and my room, it smell like clouds

i'm bout a quarter ounce in

i'll be flyin 'til the day end

i wrote the ink all out of my pen


and at the bottom of the bottle,

all i know is trouble

water ain't gon cure me

bathtub rings, i'm demon dirty


me and my awkward flirting,

i'll tell you what the stars are doing

in the universe,

my spirit's playin hooky from its curse


i built a beat and let it repeat,

i'm soundin off

hold it in and don't cough,

spit and swallow bars


who's that on my corner looking mighty sus

it's too much trust in this town,

these clowns, they scared of they own frown


and i could probably smoke a pound of trim in one sitting

if he don't close his mouth,

i'll get him, collect him and spend him

like spare change at close range, i'm deranged

premeditated pop-off

i drew the line, do not cross

me, son


i'm slummy, i'm bummy, i'm crummy on my chancellor

sad bwai be tryna, but i never had a chance with her


catchin vibes from different planets,

i'm one-up, i transcend

i nae-nae on the milky way,

i'm dancin


you can't be

speed up to catch up to me

this me goin slowly

you with your crew?

all two of you? - you crawlin


i keep my circles close-knit

stay on my lonely stoner shit

you brainless,

and i'm a thoughtful bitch


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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell