Brain Cells (Chance re-write)

where's your mind at -

slippery in the past?

in a distant laugh?

it's all good with me


last night my head was in the henny,

and you was being friendly

you get me

let's kick it

we should cypher and 

you should spit


and we could dance now

and we can sing ourselves out loud

make it easy, until it's over

you only miss my ass,

cuz it's gettin colder


your lips,

your hands a little bolder,

your eyes

over the back of your cold shoulder


kiss me fiercely,

i'm under my own influence

call me, miss me

and you got you a brand new friend?


it's alright, though

i'm still chillin in my mojo

it's already too much shit i hold, 

too much shit i can't let go


too much shit to look forward to,

i looked to my past and i grew

fondly of forever forgiving you


it can't possibly

take so much energy

to be into me

i am mentally screaming










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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell