On Queerness and US Immigration Policy

It is an awkward irony that the US views external (migrant) queerness as a national threat while simultaneously exploiting internal (naturalized citizen) queerness as a token of American Freedom and Equality. It is within an interaction like this one that we watch boundaries drawn not only in an attempt to keep undesirables out, but also to keep in and monitor closely the unavoidable blemishes on the (hetero)sexual identity of the nation. Maintaining a good moral character is inherently, as the piece explains, anti-queer - meaning that anything or anyone that/who appears to be deviant from straightness is demonized in the name of both national security and purity.


In immigration policy, the ontological statement made against the queer body is one of fear. This fear is defined by a nationalism which seeks to produce sameness, discourage deviance and maintain the structures of power which ultimately arrange for the US the privilege to grant and deny access to (a pathway to) citizenship.


Within this nation exists a neoliberal urge to promote “diversity;” to reaffirm a melting pot image, and to at all costs hold tightly to the concept of bald-eagle-cheeseburger-red/white/blue Freedom and Equality. Not liberation and equity, but a certain type of liberty and justice for all which is racialized as white, sexualized as straight and gendered as cis-male. That said, although the push for Freedom and Equality has been codified as a given upon granted citizenship, in reality, these concepts are reformist at best and liberation has become a radical discourse.


Queerness is indeed a national crisis.

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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell