ALP 2014 TransJustice Community School Graduation


[ performed for my fellow graduates of Audre Lorde Project's 2014 TransJustice Community School ]


"Hot Nuts For Sale"


i have walked the length my own scars

in this room

balancing with such little grace

slipping and refusing to be saved


at the bottom,

i screamed

don’t come for me


but TransJustice yelled back



and so

i stand here holding myself in the palm of my own hand

to show you



i am cradled in my lifeline

familiar and terrified that

you have allowed me to

find a home

within my own intentions


i feel connected like i am

sharing a chicken quesadilla

with my whole community


i feel confident like

what it is

what is up

what is what


but mostly

i am sunshine

like a little prayer


queering chelsea

throwing some glitter in the air


no shade no t

i promise to love you all

thank you for giving me permission

to grow

and letting me know it’s okay to fall


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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell