i refuse to pledge allegiance to the idols that hurt me

your idols desert me,

fake fucks, they don't deserve me -


i'm learning

how to be lonely

how do you now see me?

i called and 

you did not answer,

i always cry after -


never forgetting,

reluctant forgiving,

and i'm a fucking wreck 

[ forced deep breath ]

if there is a reason

to survive the season,

i haven't fuckin found her yet -

[ forced deep breath ]

if within the whirlwind

there's stillness - the

aaabyss flows efficiently ~

and yeah, i sometimes think that

if you talk to galaxies

they'll talk back

[ shhh ]

and if you whisper it,

it turns pitch black ~



and a poptart for each blunt i smoke

the rarest vibes i talk

young linguist spittin wisdom !

My Blackness Vibrates Rhythm.

Oooh! Look at that lyrical precision !

and you think it's a joke,

but this smoke,

it be like my religion


this verse is my disciple

hallelujah says your idols . . .

hallelujah begs your idols . . .

( your praise, it makes them smile )


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© 2018 by D. Inez "Z" Bell