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one party

y’all playin. we got these libido ones kissin cute in the corner. these other rhythm ones at the speaker nodding and taking requests. those bodies over there with sweat and hips and shoulders. even the head ones creating clouds we can smell and taste. she just got here and it will only be a few minutes before she can’t help herself. what do y’all want to know? i have a girlfriend and a girl who loves me and there are too many people here for that to be the same person. so she watches me from an armchair, righteous and pointing to my patterns so bitterly that the rum in her heavy cup, i’m sure, tastes smoother by now. and she speaks to me leaning in from two inches away, cooing at my lips, i’m aware, that her boyfriend feels threatened. and okay so what exactly am i supposed to do with that information. i’m not savage. monogamy is poison and hurt people hurt people. the tradition of pouring into a single one means at least one of you will overflow. so. y’all wildin if you think imma let love look like lack. so. she kisses my cheek. one of us is learning how to honor growth. this one bogged down in a caricature of memory and the other still kept honest to its prime. we over here by the fire escape wondering how to tetris our bodies through the window. feet or head first. which one. we just need to breathe some fresh air.

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