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eat me

might swallow this crush 

with several sips of medicine. 

your mouth with teeth and tongue ;

unfamiliar, distilled simple,

infrequent, fresh-scented ;

appraised from distant description :

cured intrigue still tastes like salt.


dream and linger : remember. creamy.

some sweet marble to scrape 

your palette with texture -

swollen, torn to silk by saliva,

pulled to a piping suspended poach.

savor or fever ; an offering of cheek,

a whole slice of bite from some coars/ed meal.


stomach all with local travel / think - still an atlas.

someone should lick this globe. again, now, finger- 

found & finally fed. your bed is probably

indulgent too. why else should someone take

their time to get (t)here : all with patience 

to digest lust when anticipating dessert.

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