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tell me i'm an alchemist, i can

curate a moment to fit snugly :

it won’t rip at the edges even when struck at thin. 

everything is coCreated even when especially when


i have been alone.

there are offerings i make that don’t always sound like thank you :

still a praise dance & still with rhythm :


everything is 

a drug when it’s prayed to hard enough :

an idol was once called sin but i promise i am godly.


a bed is with texture and smell and color 

those are all ingredients :

eat this rest & digest the


gift. a gem

is made of intense vibration that isn’t always visible except

when it’s finished it’s called shiny and sometimes the value is disguised :


called a product when really the bright is all in 

the immense pressure the dark spent to birth something sunny.


should there be pause, think spell think :

if i am not Creating then i have not eaten enough today.


witches drink their own brew and it’s called medicine when

it’s given to a spoon, to a palm : sip

a pot of stir. it’s tea. always more than one bag. another herb, a root.


grandmas make mothers. made me a

prince : tell me i’m my own legacy, too.

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