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lullaby for stones

nothing swings heavier than a lullaby 

that doesn't survive the night

not even in dreams, i just know

it echoes when the sun hits


these songs are built to swallow

spit me out in the morning 

when i'm awake

i'll be heaving 

with the curtains pulled down


for now i'll admit

if this is what i become at night then 

i refuse to believe in her skin


for now i'll tote 

this woman had stone for flesh

a cobble pebble smoothed by river

somehow still warm, still rough

calling to be collected

pumice and pyrite

i'm foolish because

she's golden because

she's in my bed with my acoustic

and soon

neck and nipples, a different rhythm

she's nervous and present, we're curious

so i'll ask


can i keep the longing even when the

reach doesn't grab

when it's all over, can i have my heartbeat back

i need to fall asleep to a sweeter sound

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